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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Forever In Paradise
Dedicated to I love you Rich

Submitted by Stacy

One of the hottest days of August, I decided to walk over to his house. Dragging my feet, i finally reached his street and from a few houses away i see a flag in his yead. I squinted, taking off my sunglasses, i was almost positive it was a Hawaii state flag. Puzzled, but mostly curious, i picked up the pace despite the heat, chuckling to myself. What was this man of mine up to? Sure enough, smack dab right in the middle of the yard is the British Union Jack in the upper left corner. He knew i longed for Hawaii but this is crazy. No answer at the front door, i waste no time and started for the back yard, but i stopped. Music, some kind of Hawaiian hula as if it were coming straight from Honolulu. When i reached the back yard, looked down at my feet which are covered in sand, and looked all around. My heart sank, i covered my mouth in awe as a tear spilled down my face. "For me?" I asked him. He nodded his head. More tears tumbled down my face faster then i could wipe them away. We couldnt go to Hawaii at this time so he brought it to me. Completely and utterly speechless and immobile i glanced around at the backyard, he turned into a beautiful hawaiian paradise. Sand surrounding his inground swimming pool, CD player blaring music of Hawaii, exotic looking flowers and foliage and huge pineapple surrounding the base of the only tree in the yard. He hands me the bikini that i wanted so desperatly from Marshall Fields and tells me to go slip it on and join him. He slips a lei around my neck and tredges through the sand to a lawn chair and sips on his pina colada. Walking into the house I feel like one of the luckiest women on the planet.

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