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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Perfect Wedding
Dedicated to John

Submitted by Anonymous

In March of 1999 I was going through a difficult period. I joined a bowling league as a way to enjoy a favorite activity and meet people. Little did I know that I would meet the love of my life there.

I had been divorced for a long time when I met John. We quickly became good friends. After a while, we discussed going on a vacation.

I had been to Hawaii a few times and as I described the beautiful islands, the friendly people and all of the great activities available, we decided we would go to Hawaii together. In June of that year as we spent time unwinding, enjoying the sights and smells of the Big Island and Oahu and getting to know each other even better, Hawaii cast its spell on us. We arrived in Hawaii as good friends but left as a couple in love.

That is why this year, after 5 years together, we decided to return to Hawaii with family and friends to get married on the beach where we fell in love.

Many people say that Hawaii is the most beautiful place on earth. And while we agree with that description, for us, Hawaii will always be the place where love lives.

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