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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Look Closer
Dedicated to Women Who Think There Is Better

Submitted by Anonymous

I am bored! With my husband, my children, my home, my life! As you can tell I am a stay at home mom. What do you do when your bored with your life, you go on vacation. I booked a trip to Maui, Hawaii. I will leave with 25 other acquaintences, who are also out to have some fun. We arrive in Cuba, and it is hot and humid and I love it already. I get to the hotel grab my bikini and head down to the pool bar to order my first and far from my last tropical drink. After I have a few drinks and losen up I start to talk to some of the other people around me. I get introduced to a guy (we will just say that his name is Sean), he seems nice enough to me, we sit down with our drinks and talk. After just a few short hours with this stanger, I realize we have more in common than my husband and I do. We beleive in the same things, like love at first sight, soul mates, even all the paranormal.
It was if we had known each other for years and knew what the other was thinking, and yet we had just met. That night a bunch of us decided to go to the disco club at the resort. We were all up there drinking, dancing, and sweating. When one of the slower, sexier beats came on we all paired off. I danced with Sean, my heart beated harder then I could remember, I was sweating in a sexy way, where your skin seams like it is glowing, and I haven't felt this turned on in such a long time. Instead of going back to the hotel, we went for a long walk along the beach. I didn't even have to tell him that I was unhappy at home, he knew, instead of making a move on me he tried to help me find ways to make it better in my home life. Which only made him more attractive. How could one person be so perfect in everyway, he told me all the time I was beautiful, he understood me, and he actually listened when I talked. These were the impossible things my husband could not provide for me. The funny part was instead of giving in to my desire for this perfect man, I just wanted to go home to my husband. He wasn't perfect in some of the ways I needed, but he was the man I loved and vowed to be with always. I took sometime to myself in Maui, just to think and came to a conclusion that my husband was perfect for me. He is a great father to our children, he would die protecting them and me. He makes me laugh everyday, and he believes in important topics as well. He beleives in loyalty, trust, and that it takes some work to be married. It has been 3 years since my trip to Hawaii, and I am a stay at home mom still, and I on occassion have problems with my husband, but as I saw Sean making out on the beach in Maui, with the sleaziest Bimbo there I came to the biggest conclusion: everything looks nicer when you are drunk, and in paradise!

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