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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Memories - Good and Comforting
Dedicated to Michael F. Crowley, Sr.

Submitted by Debbie

My parents 25th wedding anniversary was coming up so the 7 of us decided to send them to Hawaii. Since they really didn't have a honeymoon we decided to do it up right and splurge. We sent them to Maui and booked them at the Hyatt Regency.

They were so excited when we gave them our gift. I know that they never expected anything as extravagant as this, especially since I was the oldest, being 24. We all saved and contributed. I remember them sending each of us a postcard thanking us again. They told us how beautiful it was and that we should all visit some day. My father said it was so beautiful that he wanted to be cremated when he dies and brought back to Maui.

Three years later my father died. We all remembered and agreed that he should go and be at the most beautiful place on earth. My sister took him back and placed him in the water. It was so comforting to me that he got his wish.

It'as been many years, to be exact, 20. I still haven't visited since I was divorced and raising my children but have thought about it often. Most of my family has gone once or more. My mother is getting older and made her last visit two years ago.

Even though my father is in heaven I'm happy that he is also in Maui. I am looking forward to my visit in October. Finally, there will be peace within me.

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