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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

I See A Fire Dancer
Dedicated to My fire dancer

Submitted by Catalina

I see a fire dancer, waving his sword of fire in the air, between his legs, jumping, dancing, so intense are his eyes, his thoughts, his every action.

I see a fire dancer, his strong arms, legs, his body is tanned from the sun, the strong sun resembles his intense nature. He is strong and intense much like the sun on his island of Hawaii.

Hawaii, where he lives, where he grows, where he began his life much like the island of Hawaii grew with the formation of hot lava, he's a lot like that. He is strong, his nature is intense, hot like the fire, hot like the lava. Red hot that melts into your very existence. Your aware of his presence as your aware of the lava that flows and builds his island. Building it strong, you see the strength you know it's power. He is also built strong and you see his strength in every muscle.

Hawaii, where he lives, is where I want to be. To be there with him basking in the sunshine of the island people who are warm, kind, loving and friendly.

I want to be in Hawaii on his island, alone with him lying on the beach hearing the breaking of the waves upon the rock. Over and over again the waves pound upon the shore and break upon the rocks, that is where I want to be with my Fire Dancer. Please of please, let me go to Hawaii.

As he dances I can feel his heart pounding, beating, louder and louder, his breath begins to quicken as mine does when I watch him. He goes faster and faster and I begin to keep his beat. His rhythum begins to get into me, get into my soul, I feel as if I am one with him, my fire dancer on the Island of Hawaii. I am with him, I feel him, we are one.

My fire dancer's skin is dark, his hair is black, his teeth are white and as you look into his dark eyes you can see his soul it is a kind, strong soul. I know this, I am feeling him, I am with him as he dances, as he sings praise to his Hawaii, his land, his mother earth, I sing with him.

I must stay here with him, I must never go back to the mainland ever again. I cannot leave Hawaii, I cannot leave my Fire Dancer. I see a fire dancer in my dreams, feel him in my heart, he is in my soul.

I will never leave Hawaii. The beautiful land and my fire dancer will always be with me in my heart, my mind, my body and my soul forever.

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