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Love Stories of Hawaii


An Anniversary We'll Never Forget !
Dedicated to Jennifer Owen Guthrie (my Daughter)

Submitted by Stewart

In 2002, my wife and I made our very first trip to Maui Hawaii. We fell in love with the Islands and decided that there was no better place to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, which was December 31,2003, than Hawaii. So with careful planning, we made the proper arrangements to visit the Big Island of Hawaii and stay in a Coffee Farm Bed and Breakfast.

At the end of 2002, my eldest son came to us and said that he wanted to get married the following May which would be only seven months before our planned trip to Hawaii. We asked him to postpone his wedding day for one year because of our plans. He decided that he could not post pone his wedding date for a year and so we went ahead and helped him marry his beautiful bride. They took a very short trip because his new wife was confined to a wheel chair because she had a very rare muscular disease. Over the next seven months they really enjoyed being married and it was the very best part of my daughter in law's young 22 year life.

Because we have spent part of our money for my son's wedding, and we went to visit the newly weds several times over the next seven months, we came up short for our trip to Hawaii for our Anniversary. By the end of the year we finally had to face the fact that we no longer had the resources to make our trip that we so longed for.

We don't understand why things happen sometimes and we sure did not understand why our trip that we were so looking forward to. At the end of 2003 my daughter in law got sick and had to be hospitalized so we ended up spending Christmas and New Years in the hospital with my two sons and daughter in law. We had a wonderful time opening presents and just visiting, but in the back of our mind we knew that this was the time that we were supposed to be in Hawaii.

After spending most of the night New Year's Eve in the hospital we stepped out to get something to eat and spend an hour to celebrate our Anniversary. Just a few hours later, we received a call from my daughter in law's mother that her daughter had taken a turn for the worse. We rushed back to the hospital, which was only a few minutes away and arrived just as our new daughter in law passed away.

Now, even though we know that we would have really enjoyed our trip to Hawaii, we are thankful for the powers above that knew that we should have been exactly where we were that wonderful 25th Anniversary.

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