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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Our 40th Wedding Anniversay
Dedicated to Glen

Submitted by Anonymous

July of 2005 will be our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Our life long dream was to renew our vows in Hawaii on the North Shore, when we had our 50th anniversary. Well sometime plans change as ours did. My dear husband Glen, had a massive heart attack and bypasses that shut down. The dotors told us he had only one year or less to live. He has proved them wrong and it has been a wonderful 14 years. We don't want to wait until our 50th, we want to live and love, celebrate each day we have together.

When we got married, Glen was shipped off to Viet Nam and we never had a "real" honeymoon. Our honeymoon was one night at Knott's Berry Farm. We wanted to go to Hawaii, but on a sailors pay, in the 60's that was just a dream. So,we will make this dream come true for our 40th.

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