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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Day at the Beach
Dedicated to Jason Lamitola

Submitted by Kathleen

It feels like only yesterday that I met you. You were shy and didn't seem to be interested in me. But as the months grew on, you started to talk to me and invite me over. Now we are sitting here at our favorite spot talking about all the adventures we will have together. As the sun sets, you talk of Hawaii. This is the place you want to go, no where else, nothing else matters. I look at you, thinking you are only talking about a dream. But as I look into your eyes, I can tell this is no dream. It is something you want more then you ever wanted something before.

In the back of my mind, I try to think of when we could afford something so grand. I look at you and I can see this is more then a dream. I know you have never been anywhere in the world before and this would make your heart fill with joy. I wished at that very moment I could take you away with me, to Hawaii. To a place that would be our own. Where no one would bother us for a week. Some place where we could relax and be ourselves. We would be able to get to know each other better and while doing so know ourselves better. Yeah, now I understand this dream, I know what he feels. So as I looked back at him, we connected in a way we never have before. No words were spoken, but we knew. Hawaii was our destine and we would be there someday. The we both turned to the setting sun and held each other.

I thank God for days like these and I would hope Hawaii would do the same. I can only imagine the time we would have and the excitement in his heart, if this dream ever became reality!

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