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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Never to Late
Dedicated to My Wonderful Husband Of 37 Years

Submitted by Michele

In 1967 my 18 year old fiance; H.C. and I; a starry eyed young 19 year old girl; drove from our homes in Richmond, Virginia to Dillon, South Carolina to get married. It was the closest place young kids could get married without their parents signature. We wanted to do this on our own!

Not having the money for even a night in a motel; we drove all the way back to our apartment.

Thus began our journey ; two children and three grandchildren later we have still not had a honeymoon. We've had a few challenges, one being my husbands experience with prostate cancer and my heart problem.

My dream is to one day to go to Hawaii; the ultimate honeymoon spot. I know it would not be the same as when we where young and beautiful; but in our eyes we have not changed one bit. We love each other more now than ever.

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