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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Beautiful Hawaii
Dedicated to A Memory-Emil Garrett

Submitted by Dr

Twenty years ago we buried my brother, Emil Garrett, a World War I veteran, in the Punch Bowl in Hawaii. Of course it was a sad occasion, but overriding the sadness in my memories are some delightful snapshot moments.

In my memory I can still feel the soft rain that fell while the sun was still shining , as the bugler played Taps at the military funeral. And I can still smell the orchids that blanketed the ground not far from where we were standing in the Punch Bowl that day.

Burned in my memory is the sight of red hibiscus growing in profusion, and the indoor-outdoor atmosphere as unscreened doors and windows were left open, not a bug in sight. The adorable little wizened man who served me a sandwich from behind a counter, in short khaki pants and barefoot, I will always remember.

I am sure that progress has destroyed some of the charm of the Hawaii that I remember, but I am glad that I have it with me in my memories. Emil used to say that he would like to show me Hawaii someday, and he did.

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