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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Patience Grasshopper, Patience
Dedicated to Dalton

Submitted by Nancy

The world according to Dalton, can take what seems a lifetime to transpire. "When I turn 5 grama, I won't have to be carried anymore," he promised.

He's now beginning to sound out his letters, so when heading off on one of our local adventures in my big red truck, Dalton asks "why does your truck say Vate, grama?" Asking him to show me what he meant, it became clear to me he was sounding out the V-8 ensigna welded on the Dodge Dakota hood.

On our outings, we sometimes pass by fountains, but not before tossing a penny into the water and making a wish. "What did you wish for Dalton?" I asked him recently.

"I want to see a volcano grama. Maybe when I'm six, right grama?" he declares, in that half believing, half questioning tone only a child can captivate.

As I toss my coin into the fountain, my wish is to someday take my grandson to the Big Island, Hawaii, so he could see for himself Kilauea, Hawaii's youngest volcano and one of the world's most active. And on this big adventure, he could sound the words out at the Information Center at the Volcano National Park, helping him to learn and understand this natural phenomenom even better. He would not even have to be carried along the trails, as he would most likely be all of six years old by the time we would go. But what would be required, I tell him, is "patience grasshopper, patience for someday you will go to Hawaii."

Written by Grama Doggy
July 8, 2004

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