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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Do You Remember?
Dedicated to Leo Mendez, my loving husband

Submitted by Jodye


Can you believe we have been married four years? Recently someone asked me how we met.

It brought back a lot of memories.

Do you remember? I was in college, a friend of your sister Nancy. We first met on Saturday, October 31, 1997 at my college carnival. I was dressed like a gypsy and you were there to deliver a bar-be-que grill. The next Wednesday, Nancy asked me if she could give you my phone number. I said sure. Then she said good, because I already did and he is supposed to call tonight. You called and we set a date for that Friday for dinner.

Do you remember? I was forty minutes late, but you waited. I couldn't remember what you looked like, only that you were tall. You met me halfway through the restraunt. We had a nice dinner and talked long. We had a date every weekend. Then it was Saturday, August 1, 1998.

Do you remember? It was 10pm, we were sitting at the picnic table in the driveway eating sno-cones, you had banana nut and I had blue coconut. It was hot that night. You started to talk about our first date and how nervous you were. Then you went on to say I made you feel comfortable and wanted to keep feeling this way. Then you gave me that ring.

Do you remember? I held it up to the light and said "It's too big, I won't be allowed to wear it in clinicals." So what did you say? "We can take it back and get a smaller one." Oh no, I kept that ring. We started making plans for the perfect wedding.

Do you remember? Two years of questions and "I think you should do's" from family and friends. Five trips to mexico for material and lace for my gown. Nancy stood in for me at rehearsal. Then it was Saturday, July 22, 2000.

Do you remember? My mom was late. Someone stood on my veil and pulled it off. The candles burned down too fast. Then Bryan asked " Do you take Leo...." I said "I do" and then he said "Is that your final answer?" It was. We held hands through out the ceremony, and reception. Then it was time to leave.

Do you remember? Everyone from my family tried to get into the limo with us. On the airplane you said "I love you. Next year we will go to Hawaii" But I was still in college and you had started a new job. Money was tight.

Do you remember? I know you do. Perhaps one day we will be able to say.......

Do you remember the beautiful sunsets in Kauai. Walking along the shores of Molokai. The flowers in Oahu and swimming in Lanai. The wonderful luau's of Maui and the friendly people on Hawaii's Big Island.

Sigh, maybe next year.

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