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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaiian - Japanese - Italian
Dedicated to Tabitha

Submitted by Susan

We'd been married for 10 years without benefit of baby. It was our heart's desire. Even with fertility counseling...nothing.

JoAnne said, "My daughter Nina is with child and we would like to place her in a Christian home. Would you pray about that possibility?"

"Pray about that possibility?" I thought. "Are they nuts?!" I wanted to do double back flips! I wanted to jump to the moon! I wanted to kiss every person on the face of the planet! Quietly, I said, "Yes, we'll pray about it."

We did and of course, we said yes. A giant, bold, many exclamations, yes!!

When thinking/praying about adoption, we had thought a beautiful little Amer-Asian baby girl with oriental eyes would be just right, but we never made any stipulations.

Then we learned our prospective adopted baby was indeed a girl and her father is Hawaiian-Japanese. We never met him, but can only assume our baby girl is much like him with golden skin, Oriental eyes, beautiful brown eyes.

A couple of months later, our beautiful baby was born right after Valentine's appropriate. The most wonderful Valentine's present we've ever received.

Three years later when we moved across the country and were joining a new church, the pastor asked us to tell about ourselves and our family and we shared this story and when we got to the part about 10 years of marriage and no baby and we prayed and prayed, Tabitha piped up, "And here I am!"

Here she is indeed. The most wonderful gift. More than just a pretty 16 year old, more than just a nice girl. She has the gift of music. She can hear any tune and repeat it. She can transpose any song to suit the singer. She accompanies the church choir and congregation. She accompanies the local college choir. She writes her own music. She teaches piano to students between the ages of 4 and 88.

Not only is she an excellent pianist, classical and hymns, but last year she won the county prize in a high school Right to Life Oratory contest. This year, she came in second in the state.

But the most important part is she talks about Nina making the choice for life. Nina could have aborted. It was within the law. But Nina chose life. We love this life!

She is named after the Tabitha of the Bible, chosen for that name because the Biblical Tabitha was so kind and caring to her towns-folk. We wanted that same heritage for our Hawaiian-Japanese girl. And she is.

Tabitha teaches two piano students who cannot afford lessons because Tabitha wants to share her gift of music.

This is one exceptional sixteen year old. And because she is so good at sharing, I would love for her to learn some of her heritage in Hawaii and so we've entered this contest.

Her mom, Susan

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