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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Spring Breaks in Hawaii
Dedicated to Bob

Submitted by Kathy

They were a newly married couple. It was the first spring they shared in Hawaii. She was in graduate school and working as a nurse. He was an engineer and thrilled that he could take her to Hawaii for spring break.

They were so in love as they experienced their first Hawaiian sunsets and sunrises. They enjoyed spending time with each other in such a romantic paradise. They promised each other to return for another spring break.

She completed her graduate degree. They continued with their careers. They started a family. They moved to a colder climate. They added to their family. They bought their first house. They helped their children with school work. They volunteered at church and school. They continued their careers.

The spring break of which they had continued to dream approached! They were going back! As they prepared, they told their children their stories of Hawaii and their love.

As they arrived on The Big Island, their seventeen year old daughter pointed in awe at the setting sun. Their fifteen year old son shouted in amazement at the volcano.

The couple, celebrating their twentieth anniversary, gazed lovingly at each other and their children. It was exciting to see how thier love had grown and been shared in the twenty years since their first spring break.

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