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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Honeymoon Wish
Dedicated to My Incredible Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

My husband is the most incredible man - he's my true love and truly my best friend. When he asked me to marry him a couple of years ago, we decided that we'd love to have a nice quiet ceremony with a few family members and friends joining us. We decided to try and arrange a "destination wedding" - one that everyone could travel to and one that would serve as a dual wedding/honeymoon since money was going to be an issue for us. About the time I announced our engagement, my oldest sister announced her first pregnancy! While very excited for her, it was no longer possible to plan for our wedding, the baby, another sister's pending childbirth, and later we would also find out that yet another sister was pregnant, too - this one with twins! We decided to get married on our own, in a ceremony just with us.

All in all, it's been a great past 2 years. 5 new children in the family, and the marriage of my husband and me. We never did get to do a honeymoon - mainly because I have spent so much time and extra money flying to Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee to spend time with my nephews and nieces! I am happy to do it - they are all incredible children - but at times I feel that perhaps I've spent too much time taking care of everyone else... when I should really be focusing on my husband. I would love the opportunity to surprise him with a trip to Hawaii - a honeymoon would be so exciting, even a couple of years after the fact! My husband spent many happy times as a child in Hawaii - his parents would take him and his brothers and sister there to dive, fish and play. I love him so much, and I do want him to know just how special he is to me in so many ways. Being able to spend time with him in such a happy and memory-filled place would be a dream!

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