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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Victory of Love
Dedicated to My True Love

Submitted by Hajnalka

It was the most beautiful day of my life… Why? It is easy, but fantastic! Craig has overcame his fears, came to talk to me: I want marry you!

My yes was a kiss.

I cried all day and all night because it was like a dream! Already I thought its better to give up everything, but now… my first business was to call my parents. I nearly died…

I sat down on my sofa… he had to go out to work but I loved him and I knew that he loves me too… We passed it on and I've seen those hard years… I thought he can not fight against his fear because of he is too shy to love me.
But my dream has came true and we celebrated our wedding on Hawaii… it was my dream, and he promised that he will grants all my dreams and we knew it… We will love each other until the end of time.

In front of the altar and in my tears, I said yes. But I had to say also: I love you.
I've seen that "kind of Craig" smile on his face and he started to cry as me! I've never seen him crying before! But he was Craig, my husband and everything was perfect at that moment.

I remember first time when we have met… We were from different countrys and we met in a very different country. But it was love for first sight and he catched my right hand and looked into my eyes and I knew he is my true love. Then we had got many problems, first of all because of our different nationality and because of his busy life. And he is the shyest boy of the world!

But it was the victory of the love, it was my victory because I never gave up and loved him and once he opened his eyes and seen: I am his only love in this short and mortal life.
But now we are standing in the sand, the Sun is shinning, I am in my dream white costume and he is with me forever.

What was it? The Victory of the Love.

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