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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

50th Wedding Anniversary (true stor
Dedicated to My Parents

Submitted by Wyveta

My parents refused to discuss having a 50th Wedding Anniversary party. But I refused to be deterred. If not a party, then a trip for the two of them. A honeymoon that they couldn't afford in the late 30s.

My sister and I scribbled our favorite childhood memories on a card and enclosed two tickets to Hawaii. We selected refundable tickets in case our date proved poor timing.

"You shouldn't have!" was all Mother could say. But her tone was ecstatic. Daddy insisted that we shouldn't have spend the money but seemed pleased.

However two weeks later, Daddy began complaining. He suffered with arthritis in his hands and knees and wasn't sure he could sit that long on an airplane.

When I phoned, Mother was in tears, "Your Daddy doesn't want to go."

A free trip to Honolulu and Daddy wasn't going? Ridiculous!

"Let me speak with Daddy," I insisted. "I can talk him into going."

For a first time, I spoke to Daddy like I was the parent, and he the child. And for a first time, (that I remember) I lied to him.

"Daddy, you must go. With Hawaii's warm weather, you'll feel better there than at home."

Still, he protested.

"Daddy, you owe this to mother. You know she dreams of visiting Hawaii. You must go for her. Besides the tickets are nonrefundable." (That was my fib.)

"You shouldn't have purchased that kind," Daddy argued.

"It's done. So, promise you'll go. And not just go, but have a great time."

He mumbled a halfhearted okay and handed the phone to Mother. I assured her that he was going.

I insisted that Mother call their physician and ask for two sleeping pills. Daddy could handle the shorter flight to Dallas, and I would arrange for an airport service cart to take them to their connecting gate. Then Daddy could walk, stretching his legs. He could take one sleeping pill to help him rest on the longer section of the trip and save the other for the trip home. Mother agreed.

They had a wonderful time! Everyday Daddy insisted on going to the beach. He spent hours watching the waves and people, while Mother did her 'girl-shopping-thing.' After which, she had to coax Daddy to have him leave.

Their trip included several tours, and they met a couple with a car who took them sight seeing. They shared priceless memories.

Daddy purchased a dozen ball caps monogrammed with Hawaii. By handing a friend a cap, Daddy didn't have to begin his tale with, "Guess where I've been." Instead, friends would ask, "Hey, when did you do to Hawaii?" That was Daddy's invitation to brag about his treasured experience.

Had Daddy not suddenly died, he and Mother were planning a return trip. And their return wasn't Mother's idea. It was Daddy's.

Because Daddy overcame his reluctance, today, Mother holds cherished memoried. How thankful I am that Daddy listened -- and went.

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