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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaii On A Shoestring Budget
Dedicated to My Wife

Submitted by Rod

Well it first started when we got married in May of 1975. My wife wanted to go to Hawaii on our honeymoon. I explained to her we needed to put the money on a down payment of a house which we did.

In 1985 on our 10th year anniversary we decided to figure out a way to go. I looked and looked for airline tickets until we found the cheapest. I found an inexpensive room at the Reef in Honolulu, Hawaii. So off we went. We had very little money to use so we alloted ourselves so much a day for food. We did however splurge on a lual. It was very nice to see my wife so happy even though we did'nt do a lot of extras. We did however catch a glimpse of Tom Sellick making an episode of Magnum P.I. He paused for a picture. We still have the picture.

In closing I hope you will give this story some consideration, because in May of 2005 we will be married for thirty glorious years.

Best Regards

Rod Hicks

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