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Love Stories of Hawaii


Forever Together
Dedicated to Mark Jennings

Submitted by Tracey

In November of 1992 my life forever changed. I had worked at a pizzeria for the past 4 years and had dream of going to school. My childhood was a rough one and I was just lucky to be working. It was a cool day but sunny. I had heard that we had hired a new delivery guy and he was starting today. I remember how charming he was and intelligent. We worked together for a year or so and became pretty good friends. I started College courses (because of his faith and encouragement in me) in hopes to become a Nurse. He was going to college for a business degree. Because of our school schedules, we ended up working the same shifts. For a few years we worked every night together. He was such a great friend. Everything one could ask for in a friend. He was honest, loyal, fun loving and not afraid to show his feelings. We talked about everything from school to life to love to dreams. One day he handed me a note that clearly stated that he loved me and I was the girl he had been searching for all his life. Being young and dumb I dismissed it as him being lonely or confused. We never spoke of it again but deep inside I knew that when he said that one day he would marry me, it was meant from the bottom of his heart. He was 22yrs old and I was 20yrs old. We continued to be friends and did a lot together. We always had this special bond. I quit that job for another job and ended up drifting from him for a year or so. I always thought about him and in the back of my mind knew that he loved me so much that I could still feel it a year later. One day I called our old job and he answered. We talked about life and what has been going on but deep inside I wanted to say "I Love you" and "I miss you". The conversation ended on a "take care". I truly did miss him. I missed our talks, I missed our laughs and inside jokes. I missed his listening ear always ready to give me sincere and honest advice. I missed the smile that I knew was meant only for me. A few months later I met him for a study session. We started going to lunch here and there and keeping more in touch. Through the hard years of college, we lended each other support and encouragement. He graduated with a Business degree and I graduated with a Nursing Degree. We both went through some hard time such as death in my family, loss of his job and inability to find work. I dated but found that the guy I thought I loved was no match to the friend I had in him. He never crossed the line but just patiently waited for me to see that we were meant to be. It is now 2004 and we have been together for 3 years and we are headed for the alter on November 5th of this year. It took me 9 years of searching only to find that true Love was right before my eyes. I have learned a lot through the years. I learned that life is a gift not to be wasted and everything happens for a reason. My Soul Mate and Best friend in the whole world patiently waited for me to grow and gave me the space and time I needed to become the person I am today. I Love him more than anything in the world and we tell each other that daily. Not a thing has changed in 12 years. He is still my Best Friend and when I catch his eyes from across a room, I can see in to his soul and at that moment I know that smile is meant just for me. Our dream is honeymooning in Hawaii and looking into each others souls on the very beaches of ALOHA which in our hearts shows the very meaning of Love.

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