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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Anniversary Celebration in Hawwaii
Dedicated to My wife, Deb

Submitted by Greg

This is about our one and only vacation to Hawaii. Around our 10th wedding anniversary, my wife and I talked about taking a vacation to Hawaii to celebrate. But, we just could not do it financially. We have twin sons, who were 8 years old at the time. As our 15th wedding anniversary approached, we were still thinking about this, but we were still not sure we could afford this luxury. However, I traveled occasionally for work, so by Aug 1991, I had enough frequent flyer miles for one ticket. Also, in Sept and Oct I received 3 separate awards at work for extra projects I had completed. We now could afford a vacation to Hawaii. But, I didn't tell my wife just yet. I wanted to surprise her. I went ahead and made the arrangements for a 1 week anniversary celebration to Oahu. At Christmas, I had 3 gift-wrapped packages for her. I told her she had to open them in order. The first package had a lei in it. She was a little puzzled by that. The 2nd package had a Hawaii vacation guide in it with some of the Oahu pages book marked. At that point she said "Oh my God, we're going to Hawaii?!?!?!" The third package had the itinerary in it. I could not believe how thrilled she was.

We spent a week in Hawaii, at the Turtle Bay Hilton, on the north shore. We really did not have any set plans on what we were going to do. Just took it day by day.

The most romantic part of the vacation was at the Polynesian Cultural Center. At one of the exhibits, one of the ladies asked if anyone was celebrating a wedding or anniversary. My wife raised her hand. To our surprise and enjoyment, we were given a "royal" ceremony. They sang and danced for us, which was a lot of fun.

We had been planning a vacation to Hawaii to celebrate our 25th anniversary (May 20, 2003). However, I was laid off from IBM, after 24 years of service, in July of 2002. Since then I have not found any steady work, so our 25th anniversary trip has been put on hold.

When my job situation stabilizes, we plan on making this trip.

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