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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Through The Years
Dedicated to Brad Smithey

Submitted by Anonymous

I cannot put into words how enriched my life has been by my husband. Had he not been persistent when we met, I would not have all the wonderful memories I now cherish from the last twenty years.

Our marriage has been like the best roller coaster ever made, through all the ups and downs it has remained exciting! I can only look forward to the next twenty, regardless of what it brings our way.

One thing we did not have when we wed was a proper honeymoon. We were both in the Air Force, with small incomes, and only had a week to be together before parting again to go to our respective assignments. We lived apart during the work-week for the first nine months we were married.

His parents graciously offered the use of their summer cottage on Lake Lanier, Georgia, for our week of leave. It was only a matter of two days, however, before his brothers and sisters began arriving to "spend a little time with us." I was far too young and naive and shy to ask them to leave, and they simply did not listen to him.

We told ourselves then that by the time we had been married twenty years, we would take a "real" honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Now here we are, married twenty years on May 26, just six days away, and not yet financially able to make that trip. We've now changed our goal to making it to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary!

To win a trip to Hawaii would be our dream come true, the same dream that began twenty years ago. The location wouldn't even matter, just the "getting there" would be our reward!

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