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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Kauai after 25 years
Dedicated to My Wife

Submitted by Pat

It all started 2 1/2 years before we left for Hawaii. I had to save money without my wife knowing. I plained our 25 years of romance on one of the most buitifull places in the world.

One month pryer to our departure to Kauia Hawaii, When I left for work each morning,I would leave a gift for my wife on the dinning room table so that it would be there when she awoke. For twenty five days in a row I would do the same thing. Five days before departure we went to dinner. After dinner I mention to my wife I need to use the rest room only to sneak out to our car were I gather the last three gifts for her. My two daughters where there to see what took place. They new what was going to happen. The first gift was a top for for her to feel good in. The second was a nice dress to go out on the town with and the third was a poem discribing our plans for the next 25 days..

I started by taking her on a shopping spree.

We spent two night in SanFrancisco followed by seven days on the island of Kauai Hawaii. From there we spent another seven days in Maui, Hawaii were we enjoyed the Maui Downhill ride. Followed by seven or so more days in Kona Hawaii were my wife enjoyed herself swimming with the dolphines. My wife was the envey of her girlfriends.

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