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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Honest People in Hawaii!
Dedicated to The people of Kauai

Submitted by Kara

My husband and I have been saving to go to Hawaii for our 10 yr anniversary. 10 yrs came and went without a way to go and finally this past month (March) we dropped off all 3 kids in Washington with grandparents and we flew on to Kauai for a much needed R&R vacation. He had never been to Hawaii before as I had been 12 years ago. I was so excited to go with him! He is a firefighter here in Chicago and a part time computer teacher in Oak Park. I stay at home with the kids ages 9, 6 and 2.

First morning in Hawaii (Fri) I wake up my husband at 5:00am (our 9:00am CST) I begged him to get up and come see the sunrise We grabbed our flash lights and walked down to the beach we searched along the reef looking in tidepools and flashing photos of the sun rising with my new digital camera I had received my previous birthday. About 2 hrs after our adventure, my feet go out from under me, I go airborne slamming my forearm first onto the reef breaking my right arm in half! Needless to say, my camera floating in the water beside me. We spent the rest of the day in the hospital with a makeshift cast on my arm, only to find out I needed surgery on Monday. Turns out, they only do life and death surgeries on the weekend. For the next 2 days I held my arm as we tried to make the best out of our vacation and drove around "siteseeing" on pain killers. I don't remember much. Monday (eve) I finally went in for surgery to have a titanium rod and 2 screws put in my humerus. My husband took my jewelry 1 necklace and 2 rings...our wedding set (center diamond given to him from his father for a wedding gift), then my mother and father's wedding ring that I wear. It has been in the family for over 45 years (1.74 carat European cut) and a diamond heart pendant necklace given to me from my husband on our 3rd anniversary (probably the hardest year financially in our lives he made payments for). He put them in his pocket and walked around Walmart and they slipped out of his pocket! Over $15,000.00 worth of jewelry lost! Tuesday I come out of surgery and the first act of kindness we received from complete strangers.. some people we had randomly met at dinner the night before (Stan and Tam Neibauer of Placerville, CA) sent flowers. We didn't know their names at the time, but at dinner we had found out that we were staying at the same place, in the same buildings. It was so nice to find out the people are good out there and you never know when you'll meet them. So, we spend the last day and a half posting reward signs, putting ads in papers, on the radio and every jewelry store and pawn shop we could get to alerting them. The people of Kauai were so extremely gracious and genuinely concerned.

After a quick trip back to the doctor, we went home early Thursday heartbroken not only at the vacation that was ruined, but the fact that we weren't ever going to see our sentimental belongings again. It was a sad day. Of course, we realize that we are just truly thankful that our lives were intact and that our family was healthy! We still had a lot to be thankful for!
We come back to Washington State to pick up the kids and visit for 10 days, my family was so amazing helping me heal and relax with my arm. We looked around for a replacement ring and found the perfect one! 11 diamonds to celebrate our 11 years of marriage. We had it sized and driving the hour to go pick it up I check my phone messages... there was a message from a Helen Obrero of Anahola, HI. saying they had found the jewelry in Walmart the night it was lost! AMAZING! What an answer to many prayers! We called and cancelled the ring, then we called the radio station in Kauai (Ron Wiley morning show) and they said on air what an advertisement and testimony for the people of Hawaii! We sent Helen the reward money and it was worth every penny!

Just wanted everyone to know THERE ARE GREAT PEOPLE OUT THERE!

God Bless,
Kara Schoenle

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