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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Gentle Force
Dedicated to Lon

Submitted by Leah

I could not believe how much fate was pushing us together over those last two weeks before Lon moved to Calgary. In a year of living right across the hall, I had only ran into him a couple of times a month much to my disappointment. Now we were laughing at the regularity of our chance meetings in the hallway, in the parking garage and even in the local video store. It was now a once or twice a day occurrence. Knowing we needed to explore the purpose of these meetings, we decided to get together. That decision changed our lives forever.

Two weeks later he had an employment opportunity in Calgary that he couldn't refuse, but feeling the way we already did about each other, we agreed to start this new life together. Within two months of moving I was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) diabetes and our life quickly did a 180 degree turn again. Any hope of starting a family was restricted by my doctors, and my new life became a constant source of anxiety and fear. I couldn't stand to be away from my family and my home any longer. Lon promised me he would do whatever it took to make our life easier and better, so we packed up and headed home, deciding to open our own business on the coast.

He has been nothing less than a constant source of non-judgemental support and pure, unconditional love throughout our entire relationship. He has given me the freedom to test my new boundaries while offering that soft place to fall when things don't always work out. He has not only been my security blanket during numerous medical emergencies and severe panic attacks, but has encouraged me to take control of this disease in the most gentle and loving of ways. When I'm overwhelmed with self-pity and take my anger out on him, he just tells me that he will always love me and that it's okay that he knows who I really am underneath all of this.

Lon has never been able to do any traveling and has always dreamt of going to Hawaii. I however, was lucky enough to have lived there for a few years as a child. Sometimes we lay in bed and I tell him about the beautiful beaches and the scents of gardenia and plumeria that waft through the air. I know he can't truly picture it the way I can which is something that makes me sad because he deserves to feel that kind of peace that only comes from knowing the islands. Both of our dreams are to get married in Hawaii, as we have never been on a single holiday together. Up until now we haven't been able to afford to have a wedding and as it is my first, we wanted it to be special. We are now saving for that day and would love if it could be in such a perfect place.

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