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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Wish of a Lifetime
Dedicated to "Mom" Catherine

Submitted by Anonymous

It was 1996, and it came to be that my mother's wish of a lifetime was being fullfilled by me.

Out of my love for her, and the knowledge that she had always wanted to visit Hawaii, I made it my quest to see to it that I fulfilled that desire.

From the moment the trip came into being, I felt strongly that I was finalizing a portion of her life that she had not been permitted long enough to live to do. I took all my memories of her and left to visit the wonderful tropical islands of Hawaii.

This tropical paradise was indeed just the peace I was seeking to put to rest her final request -hat I not miss this trip that she so badly had desired. I felt fulfilled and with so much gratiude that this had become possible.

I experienced beautiful days, people, the vacation things that people do.

I returned home with a very large appreciation for this state of ours called Hawaii. And I do hope to return again. And this visit will be 'for me' !


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