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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Love Hawaii Style
Dedicated to Mike

Submitted by Sheri

Dear Mike,

I have been given the biggest, most wonderful gift that a girl can be given. A love that can endure everything from bitter sadness to the highest of joys. I have what every little girl dreams of, the man that makes her complete. When people ask how we have been together for so long and kept our love so strong, my answer comes in quickly. "It's like Maui". It has a beauty that can not be described, it must be lived. Only people that have been to Hawaii or that have the full pleasure of living there can understand. Just as one must have love to know love. I get tears in my eyes waiting for the day that we can return to our little slice of heaven. We will sit in each others arms and watch the sun set, and wait quietly on the same beach for the next splendid light show called sunrise that only Maui can produce.

All my love and my life,
Your wife Sheri

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