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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Reward for a Loving Wife of 30 Yrs.
Dedicated to Gwen Burnell

Submitted by Gene

Our life has been filled with many trials and we would love to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Hawaii, but finances have not permitted that. My wife and I had plans for a trip to Hawaii on our 25th wedding anniversary, which would have been January, 1999. Unfortunately, our house was flooded on October 17, 1998 with 17 feet of water. That meant that we had almost three feet of water in our second story, so we lost most our treasured possessions. My non-Hodgkins lymphoma returned in December 1998 and I had to undergo chemotherapy for a second time. Since then, I have been through radiation treatments twice. Fortunately, I have been in remission for three years now, but there is no cure for my cancer. Our other financial burden is that we have three children in college, and will for another year.

My wife is a very loving, caring person who seldom complains about anything. I would love to provide her with a relaxing vacation in Hawaii. In 2000, she lost her mother who suffered from diabetes. In 2001, my mother suffered a stroke, my father committed suicide, and we cared for my mother at a nursing home for the three months until she passed. My wife spent weeks at a time caring for her mother, who lived out of town. Then, she visited my mother daily and cared for her while she was in the hospital. Gwen, my wife, is a wonderful mother of three and a loving wife. Her love and care for her family deserves a reward, such as the Hawaii vacation she has dreamed of for years, but we choose to not go into debt for it. Someday we will enjoy it. This would make it possible to do it much sooner.

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