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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Our Moment
Dedicated to Ullez Mikky

Submitted by Anonymous

I was about at the point in my walk with christ where I was ready to tell God I had no destractions, ready to think about him, and be able to walk in the path he had set for me. My foolishness caught up with me.

I knew her as the hottest girl in band, and that she went to a catholic church. She was the drum major, determined and a good leader, but not without a love for fun that every guy wanted to be near. She was a senior.

I myself was the shyish, sophomore wierdo who just hung with my fellow less popular and less out-going niche. We were almost geekish in our ways of playing the seemingly innumerable card games at our disposal.

The football season progressed, and with every practice was another chance to just give in to her commanding, but always beautiful face at the stand as I marched by, time after time, guiding to the left and right to make sure I was in line in the formation.

I had never really liked a girl alot, and this was just the same thing. It was that night, though, that I thought through all the different qualities that I wanted in my perfect girl. After mentioning the obvious guyish reasons, I came to the conclusion that the greatest thing that I could actually start liking a girl for was to be able to see God in the face and actions of this hypothetical woman.

After dressing up for the second football game of the season, we always take a moment of silence to regroup our thoughts before heading off to the game. This time just seemed different. She went over to her best friend, and they held hands as most girlfriends do and bowed their heads through the moment. When it finished, I looked over and noticed her signing the symbol of the cross Catholics always do, and it hit me that this girl wasn't just the normal go-to-church-because-my-parents-said-so-christian. She in fact loved God (I was confirmed after asking another one of her friends)

My heart now soared past all the earthly levels of human's "love", with a newfound love that carried everything that belongs only to marriage. My memory never fails me to remember details as this young woman, bowing her head to the same God I had just praised, knowing she was doing the same thing, that we both struggled with the same kind of life.

Towards the end of the year, there's a band banquet, where anybody who buys a ticket the the event gets a fine dinner, gets to see the awards ceremony of all the great officers over the past year, and see the upcoming officers for next year. It is also here that the high-schoolers dance into the late nighttime of 11 o' clock.

I asked the DJ to put on her favorite Weezer song:"Only in Dreams", in which the second verse sang something like this. "You walk up to her. Ask her to dance..."

At this time, I walk over to her, and her face was lightening up, from her song. The timing couldn't have been any better as the next lyrics rang true "she says hey baby I just might take the chance".

Being a slow dance, she had gracefully slid her arms around my neck, and mine to her waist, in more of a sloppy manner in comparison.

I looked into her eyes, and suprised her, since we had never locked eyes before, and hadn't noticed my blue eyes that captivates many a girl.

I mouthed out "In this humble place of Hawaii, I think I have fallen in love with you". Her response wasn't that of suprise as much as amost a pity.

"That's so sweet! But... I already have a boyfriend from Nebraska where I moved from"

Even today, I'm waiting for a sign from her. Though I will always hope for her happiness, and that it may not be with me, I do always hope that she will enter my life again, and remember that moment we had together.

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