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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Once in a Lifetime
Dedicated to Robin Reome

Submitted by Anonymous

We won the lottery. We started planning a vacation, and our 11 year old daughter wanted to go to Hawaii. So I searching and researched and found the perfect place to stay. We boarded the plane in Vermont, and started the long flight. We had a layover in California, and were surprised with a visit from family that lived in the western states. They met us at the airport and we had a great time. Soon it was time to board for the last leg of our trip. ON TO HAWAII.

The plane landed smoothly on the tarmack in Honolulu, and I turned to my family and we squealed with delight. Our vacation had begun! We packed everything we could do into the next couple of weeks. Island hopping, relaxing, luaus, even hula lessons! not to mention all the shopping. Too soon it was time to go home. We packed everything up and headed to the airport, tired but extremely happy.

When the plane landed in Vermont, the attendent shook me and I awoke in my own bed, realizing it all was just a dream.

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