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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

I want to be like you
Dedicated to Mom and Dad

Submitted by Arianne

Long before I was born Duane and Sherry met each other, and they fell in love. One thing that Duane and Sherry had in common with each other was they both wanted to go to Hawaii. Sherry was an Artist and she thought that Hawaii would be a beautiful place to go to draw and paint all day and all night, Duane was an engineer, and he thought that Hawaii would be a great place to therorize and comprhend the mathematics of the earth. So Sherry and Duane decided to get married and where do you think they went on their honeymoon? You guesses it Hawaii. It was so much more that they imagined, Sherry could have stayed there forever and painted because she never would have run out of anything too paint, and the mathematical wonders of the hawaiian islands were also facinating. i don't think i've ever seen my parents happier as when I watch the home movies of their honeymmoon in the Hawaiian Islands. Now i am Married to my lifetime sweetheart and one day we will share a very special vacation in hawaii just like my parents did.

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