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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Our Blessing that Changed our Plans
Dedicated to My Family

Submitted by Michael

It was in December of 1993 when our story starts. I am a police officer and my wife is a photographer. Marilyn and I were married in 1987 and had a modest honeymoon. I wanted to give her the truely special honeymoon she deserved so I looked into a Hawaii Honeymoon Vacation. Together we booked a wonderful trip to Hawaii for our second honeymoon, but as fate would have it something much more special was about to change all of our sought after plans!

Marilyn and I had been unsuccessful having children and had also begun the process of looking into adoption. The adoption agency said it would be a year or two before we may be selected by a birth mother. To our surprise, two weeks before we were scheduled to leave on our dream Hawaii vacation, the adoption agency called. We had been selected by a birth mother to adopt her baby and she due to deliver the baby any day! Needless to say our plans were quickly changed. My parents graciously agreed to pinch hit for us and go on our planned Hawaii vacation for us. :) On December 13th, 1993 our adopted daughter Amanda was born. We considered making her middle name "Aloha"! Since then, we have been blessed with a second adopted daughter, Rebecca. So here we are in 2004, Amanda is 10 and Rebecca is 8 and we have never been to Hawaii. We still have a dream of some day going on the Hawaii trip we had originally planned. When I saw this opportunity, I thought this might be fate. Please consider my family for a special "Love Stories of Hawaii" vacation. Thank you.

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