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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Moment To Marry My Dream
Dedicated to James Satterwhite my Groom

Submitted by Melissa

I met my finacee' almost 4 years ago. We met on a blind date that our friends had to force each of us to attend. After meeting we spent many days together and eventually we never left each others side.

This entry is to express my appreciation to the man of my dreams. On September 16th 2002 my mother became terminally ill. My boyfriend stood by my side and allowed me to take care of her without ever thinking of himself. I didnt have much time for him for almost a year until the angels came for my mother. If it wasnt for him I wouldnt have had clean clothes or food to eat when I was able to go home for a few hours.

This is how I knew he was the man I had always dreamed of. A family man!

My dearest man
thanks for always being my biggest fan
Your kidness and undying love
has helped me to make it through.
I promise to love you forever and a day!

I want to show my gratitude to my lover, my life dream by sharing a honeymoon with him in Hawaii where he can go deep sea fishing and whale watch which is one of his dreams!

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