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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Grandpa and Us
Dedicated to Grandpa O

Submitted by Paige

My mom, sister and I had the chance to take a once in a lifetime trip with my Grandpa to Kauai, Hawaii.

He has two timeshares that he has owned for quite a few years, and as he is getting older, has decided that he can no longer put it upon his body to do all the traveling, as his health has been going down. Since this was going to be his last time going we did everything we could to make it possible for each of us to go along with him.

We spent 8 days on the island, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have never spent so much quality time with not only my Grandpa, but also my mom and sister. We drove around the island, saw the sights, went to all the plantations, and even had a few Mai Tai's along the way.

Kauai will always be the place that I shared with them, and I will be returning to the islands so that I can have those same feelings of awe and inspiration that I first felt when we were there together. I feel that Hawaii is something my Grandpa gave to me as a gift that I can always go and visit and have him with me in my heart, even after he has left this life.

The next time I go I will be taking the love of my life to share it with him, and I have no doubt he will feel the same way about it's beauty and wonder as I do.

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