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Love Stories of Hawaii


What the heck...
Dedicated to Our girls, Shawna & Kelli

Submitted by Lisa

I was 19 and looking for love. He was 22. We met at the "Blow Out" in Long Beach in January of 1978. We fell in love before we met. We dated for 7 years when I gathered up the nerve to ask him. He planned a trip to Alaska with his twin brother and I had plans of my own. My sister-in-law to be & I went shopping for rings. I bought my wedding set and a gold nugget ring for Phil. I decided I should make it a game otherwise he might say no & this way I wouldn't actually have to ask him 'the question'. So I made a fake letter to Phil saying he won a contest and the prizes were a trip to Hawaii, giant screen t.v., or a wedding set. He had to wait another week for a second letter. The second letter arrived stating he was a winner & the prize would be mailed. Well of course I opened both the letters while he was away & then gave him the letters & the 'prize' when he returned from vacation. He opened the letters and was skeptical, then he saw the 'prize', opened it & was surprised to say the least, speechless was more like it. He then asked me to marry him. We were married on the island of Kaui at the Fern Grotto in September 1985. We went back to the big island of Hawaii for our 1st year anniversary. Beautiful Sunsets, Great Times, Unsurpassed Memories - thank you Hawaii!!!

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