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Love Stories of Hawaii


The day we fell in love.
Dedicated to Thomas Kraus

Submitted by Shawn

They watched a movie with the island of Oahu as the setting. The second they saw that wonderous place they knew. They are the couple that never thought about marriage. Seven years and the thought of it scared them both. After watching that movie, the planning to visit Oahu began. Within two months they were on their way. Only seconds off of the plane they were speechless and amazed. This place is just beautiful and breathtaking they both thought. They both felt like high school students on their first date. The butterflies in thier stomachs and the thought of what was next. They walked Waikiki beach, took pictures, then watched the sun set. The feeling of such love and mystifying feeling overwhelmed them. Within two days of being there they were married at Diamond Head. No one else knew just them, and they had no care in the world. That day they took their vows at sunset and also vowed to always be faithful to this beautiful place. They visted one other island on thier now honeymoon. That beautiful blue and green island of Maui. The entire fifteen days they were there they thought of nothing else except how they could and would one move there. They not only fell in love with one another again, but they feel in love with Hawaii. When they returned home to tell their friends and family of the most perfect place in the world, the fact that they were wed there was not so important. The stars in thier eyes and the feeling of their stomach flopping everytime they mentioned Oahu or looked at pictures. Hawaii has found it's place in their hearts and they bonded their lives together forever with each other. Who knows if it was the mystifying beauty or relaxed and kind people they met, that two weeks has never left their hearts. Two days after returning home they both awoke at 3 am, saddened and said to each other they were homesick. How could that be, they were home. They both left a part of them with Hawaii and Hawaii left a part of it with them.

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