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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

When I Feel You
Dedicated to Aruna

Submitted by Khurram

When I feel YOU Hawaii !!

Aruna, I don't know what it is ? But yes I can say that here is something very special between you and me ; it is a LOVE ... which feels very familiar to both of us .Aru you know when I saw you first time I feel she is one cute girl ! I am going over to say hi!! But I failed to say then you faced me and smiled it was so cute that I never forget it. As the time passed I decided to talk to you and it was 11th November 2002 when I was decided to make a truth relationship with you. Actually In my thoughts you is the perfect girl to whom I expect to think of you and just want to spend some time together to know one another . It truly seems to be a "timeless love" in your eyes. The sun was just coming up over the horizon as I walked down to the home. I didn't sleep well the previous night thinking of what this day would bring. Then every day an every night I always think of you and only of you I feel that I am in love with you ARUNA. You know that when you came to me close and when you say to got to go; then I didn't want to let you go. And when I go away from Bhopal just for 2 days .. I feel that it had been too long since I last saw you Aru . well I found you when I let to know that you was sended me a mail. Well you are just as I imagined you to be, so cute , so beautiful . I still remember the smell and feel of your hair as it brushed against my face. I used to spend all my free time together, especially with you. It was a beautiful moment at a beautiful time. And, I knew that in the days and weeks ahead, you would come back to this special moment again and again. There is a place inside me that I show to no one but you. There are words that you ever hear. There are secrets and dreams and thoughts that I save just for you Aruna .. because you was brought me happiness that no one else has ever known. Actually Aruna you entered in my life in a casual way and you saw inside me what I needed. There were others who passed me and met me each day , but never anyone like you. I know Aru that there are times when encouragement means such a lot , and a word is enough to convey it .there may have been someone who is so close to me . I always think those little memories about you. No body sees those little memories we make expect you & me. I knew that time of my life never be same ... . Today is a day when I was loose again a year in this world but it is a time which never stop ... Aruna I knew that I don't want to say these words today itself but I know that this is the truth of every life ... by which I want to let you know ... I love you so much that I always told you that I am unable to live without you , but this is the fact or you can say yes this is the truth of my relation with you because I love you so much ... I may never see tomorrow there's no guarantee and thing that happened yesterday it belongs to history I can't imaging the future and also I can't change the past I have just the present memories to treat as my last I must use this moment for soon it will pass away and be lost forever as a part of yesterday. Be a love of mine unto the loveless time I want to make my life complete which is fully based on you. And I thank God by the bottom of my heart for giving me this day . That you is always with me . Aruna I never forget you forever I swear.


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