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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaiian Dream
Dedicated to my lovely Wife-- Joan

Submitted by Mike

When we lived in Hawaii, on the windward side of Oahu, every morning when we'd wake up in the morning, the fragrance of the flowers reached our nostrils, and we saw the beauty of the ranges of the Koolau's from my kitchen window and walking out to my back porch, it made us feel like one of the royal family of Hawaii. Peace and tranquility was an everyday occurance. Our neighbors were really nice and friendly people, you couldn't ask for more friendlier neighbors.

We had a yellow plumeria tree bloming in the front yard and Yellow kahili ginger flowers blooming on the side of the house and chinese orchids blooming on the other side.

Our home was off the main road, the sound of traffic was at a minimum. We enjoyed those years of contentment, and that has made us felt like we was the richest couple on earth.

What more could a man ask for, when peace and harmony abounded in a mans life. Leaving the Islands cut a great peace of our hearts out of us and we long to return to the Islands we love so much. Our hearts are still there and we have hopes of finding it once again in Hawaii. Mahalo

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