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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Remembering the Rainbows
Dedicated to Alan and Jennifer

Submitted by June

Our airplane touched down on the island of Oahu after a long flight filled with anticipation of our first trip to Hawaii. This was a wonderful 20th wedding anniversary trip accompanied by our teenage daughter, Jennifer, and 25 or 30 other friends. The Hawaiian lei greeting was wonderful. Our favorite flower was the Plumeria and I can still remember the fragrance. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and it was a grand resort. Jennifer and her friends took up surfing immediately after arriving. Our favorite meal became the scrumptous breakfasts that the resort offered. Fresh fruits, pastries and an assortment of foods were prepared by seasoned chefs. We also found out what an "Hawaiian blessing" was. It is a rain shower so soft that you don't even feel wet although you know it is raining. This is what we were told keeps the plants and flowers so green and lush. Because there are virtually no bugs, flies or other pests on the island, there are no screen doors. One day Alan and I returned to our room to find four teenagers feeding the pigeons. They started by coaxing the birds on the balcony patio with food tidbits. Soon, there were at least a dozen pigeons not only on the patio but bobbing around the room pecking and eating popcorn. The kids were having quite a time until we ushered all the birds out. For the remainder of the trip, we always had one or two birds on the balcony railing looking in and patiently waiting for a treat. The most memorable event that we recall was the glorious rainbows. Each morning before 7:00, we were greeted by twin rainbows. We would wade out into the beautiful, clear water and gaze at the sight until the sun came up full and the rainbows disappeared until another daybreak. Whenever I see a rainbow, I recall that special time with so many special people.

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