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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Ocean Blue
Dedicated to My Grandmother Mary

Submitted by J.M

My first thoughts take me back to when I was a little girl on my 7th birthday and first saw the Atlantic Ocean. The giant waves crashing on the sandy shore, the gentle breezes blowing and all the people standing in the foaming surf, hearing voices laughing as the waves came upon them. My grandmother gently took my hand and into the cold water I went, I was so excited as the grains of sand slipped underneath my feet and holding on so tight for fear of going under and yet waited for another wave to rise and splash me with the taste of the salty water in my mouth. The sun was so warm and the egg salad sandwiches tasted better than when Mom made them at home. I could hear the sound of the music from the giant carousel in the background and the clicking of the roller coaster and the people yelling when it came down. I received my first taste of saltwater taffy and I remember finding my way to the bathroom all by myself and standing in a long line while my bare feet became dry
and gritty from walking on the wooden boardwalk. We watched the sun change from the hot orange ball to a deeper shade as it slipped down into the horizon, some people picked up their blankets and packed their umbrellas and started to leave for home. The beach became quiet and I could still see the footprints left in the sand and hear the many seagulls as they swooped down for scraps of food and popcorn left by the people who were on the rocks. With my sunburn skin as my badge of courage a reminder of that wonderful day, we started to pack up our belongings and head for the long ride back home and I couldn't help feeling sad leaving my new best friend the ocean. I don't think I have one favorite thing about the ocean, I feel it's the combination of all things that happen to a person when they see it, whether it be a small child for the first time or two star struck lovers who just want to hold hands and gaze at the calm water and moon. I've never been to Hawaii and often wonder if that's what a person feels and thinks of when they see that beautiful island for the very first time. Hawaii seems to be such a wonderful place from all the magazines and brochures I've read in all its splendor to welcome the first visitor or say good-bye again to one leaving. It would be a dream come true to have that first time feeling once again.

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