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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Frightened Nurse
Dedicated to My loving wife, Beth.

Submitted by Anonymous

I always look with delight for the confusion on the nurses' face whenever I give blood or get a check-up. They push the sleeve of my Aloha shirt up and place the blood pressure cuff on my arm. After a few pumps, the stethoscope is pressed to my arm and I hear the hiss as the boa constrictor relaxes its' grip on my bicep. The cuff begins to slip, as the stethoscope is pressed harder into my inner elbow. Wide eyed the nurse moves the stethoscope to my chest and soon turns white as a sheet. I always stop them from running panicked from the room, and tell them my story.

It was five years ago when my wonderful wife Beth and I took a long awaited honeymoon to Oahu and Hawaii. We had finally managed a trip and chose paradise as our destination. Taking lodging on the beach at Waikiki we toured Honolulu and Diamondhead. We supped as locals at the Rainbow drive-in and refreshed our togs at Hilo Hattie's. Finches greeted us in the morning, cleaning the crumbs from our lanai. Renting a car, we saw a surfer's paradise on the windward side and a silent tomb for the gallant at Pearl. Our days were so full that 24 hours could not contain them.

With the help of Aloha airlines we went to the Big Island and brought a sacrifice of Rum to Pele at Kilauea. We watched in awe as the volcano made more land. We bought Kona coffee and Macadamia nuts. We wandered the streets of Hilo and marveled at the diversity of the island. We hade shave ice and papaya so fresh it was still growing. We marveled at the desolation of the lava flows. Too soon we were back to Oahu.

We were treated to classes of lei making with local orchids as curious flamingos watched from afar. Having worn our legs down to stubs in the markets we dined outdoors at one the hotels many restaurants and watched fire dancing and hula. We walked the beach at Waikiki that night and tossed our leis into the water and hoped for their return. With sadness we left the next day.

A few months later we knew that the leis had floated back to shore. Our doctor had determined that my wife and I had no pulses. We had left our hearts in Hawaii. We are destined to return.

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