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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Baby on Board
Dedicated to Russ, my husband

Submitted by Heather

As the flight attendant came with the drink cart, I asked for tomato juice.

"Tomato juice?" Russ, my husband, raised an eyebrow. In all the years we'd been married, I had never had but a sip of tomato juice. I simply shrugged and grinned. I felt like I was keeping the world's most amazing secret. And because of it tomato juice sounded simply delicious. I knew at that moment what women spoke of when they talked about "cravings."

Yes, I was going to have a baby! I decided to wait until we touched down in Hawaii to tell Russ the wonderful news.

I had found out three days earlier, sneaking off to the doctor while Russ was jogging. I caused quite a scene when the test came back positive. I hugged the nurse. I hugged the receptionist. I even hugged two ladies who were waiting for their appointments. I felt like doing handsprings out the door, but since I hadn't done one in more that 15 years, I thought better of the idea.

Keeping such a monumental secret for three days proved to be maddening. But I knew such marvelous news deserved an equally stunning backdrop. And stunning it was! I don't even remember the exact words I used to tell him I was pregnant. But I remember the majesty of the sunset. I remember the waves lapping against our feet. I remember the graceful gulls.

And I remember Russ's hand in mine, so comfortable even after all these years. For three days I tried to imagine how he would react.

True to character, my husband remained calm. He held me close. So close. For so long. Then with his big toe he carefully etched two names in the sand, "Josh" and "Lauren," Those were the children's names we had chosen years earlier and kept close to our hearts.

Josh is eight years old now. And Lauren is 6. They are the treasures of our lives. The dreams we dreamed years ago are now glorious reality. I am forever grateful that we have that splendid memory of those days on that Hawaiian beach planning our future as parents. It was the perfect way to begin a fabulous, long-awaited journey into parenthood.

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