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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Best Friends Surprise Wedding
Dedicated to Jason Celauro

Submitted by Tara

My husband and I met at a very young age. He was 4 1/2 months old and I, being the younger of the two, was only about 2 weeks old. Our parents, who have been longtime friends, introduced us. So technically we can't say it was love at first sight.

Growing up, Jason and I were friends and our families celebrated holidays and went on summer vacations together. However, it wasn't until several years later that we decided to take our friendship to the next level. Much to everyone's surprise, we began dating. Over the last five years our relationship developed and our friendship became even stronger. At times we discussed the idea of getting married and all of the different ways of doing it. We discussed what type of wedding we'd like to have but every conversation ended the same way, with me saying, "I do not want to plan a wedding." So like most women would, I assumed that since I didn't want to plan one, our wedding was not going to be taking place anytime soon.

Boy was I wrong! One unsuspecting day, my ultimate dream came true. On July 1st (my birthday) Jason proposed. Just as I was about to faint I heard him say, "wait, there's more." "I've made some arrangements for us." I was completely confused at this point so that's when he brought out a huge beautifully decorated box. I opened up the box and suddenly everything made sense. I saw everything that Jason had been secretly working on over the last several months. Inside were our wedding invitations, the invitations to our shower, information and pictures of the ceremony and reception sites, the DJ, the menus, everything that goes into planning a wedding. Even the honeymoon plans were taken care of. At the bottom of the box I found several brochures and 2 airline tickets to Hawaii. I was overwhelmed with amazement and love.

That night, friends and family came to what I thought was my birthday party but actually was our engagement party. Another secret Jason had planned. Seventeen days later in the presence of our immediate families, Jason and I were married in an out of state, outdoor, lakeside wedding. We returned home to have our reception for the rest of our family and friends. Thanks to my husband, who went above and beyond his role as the groom, I had the wedding of my dreams.

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