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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A New Beggining
Dedicated to My husband for a hopeful future...

Submitted by Anonymous

We had been married almost 5 years at the time. Life had become so stressful with work, bills, and everday tribulations. It seemed everytime we turned around we were hitting another wall. Scott and I are high school sweethearts, who lived in a "perfect" world or so we thought. I am a nurse and Scott has his own electrical bussiness so our schedules are very different. We hardly ever get time with one another. After we married we immediatly wanted to start a family. Well that was five years ago we have been through more fertility testing than you can imagine. Every specialist tells me "the chances are very slim of ever having a child of your own". Scott and I have excepted this. But the bills still keep piling up and the stress of debt I felt was destroying are marriage.

So we decided a vacation in Hawaii would be just the ticket for some "get away time" together. We planned our vacation for months. Finally it was time. Off we were for two weeks of paradise in the warm sun. While there we found ourselves acting like high school kids again. We went surfing, diving, swimming, sightseeing... you name it. But before we knew it it was time to head back to the "real world". While on our vacation we found the passion and love for each other that we once had before we let the stress of a hectic life get the best of us.

So we headed back and went back to reality but over the next few weeks we found ourselves making time for each other. Meeting for lunch, leaving work just 15 minutes early a couple times a week just for the extra couple minutes with each other that evening. One morning I had a Doctors appointment and Scott and I went out for a big breakfast that morning before my appointment then we kissed goodbye and he headed to work and I headed to my appointment. It was my yearly check up and the Doctor had sent me for my routine bloodwork after the appointment. Later that day I was home fixing dinner and I recieved a phone call from my doctor. Nothing in the world could had prepared me for the news I received... I was PREGNANT!!!! I got off the phone and had to lay down I was in shock. A few moments later I heard Scott come in the door. I told him I needed him to sit down with me. He immediately became concerned as he new I had been to the Doctors that same day. "Baby, we are going to have a baby!!!" I screamed. That same week we had our first appointment I found out my due date and the week of conception. Hawaii, our miracle was conceived in Hawaii. Our baby girl was born eight months later. Her name is Sunhi it is Hawaiian for "a new beginning".

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