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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Modest Proposal
Dedicated to Megan Cook

Submitted by Ethan

My love for you is immeasurable. I cannot even begin to describe how you make me feel. You truly make me happy. When you smile, I can't help but smile too. Your smell is intoxicating. You are always on my mind. I love the way you laugh. I love to make you laugh. I love to make you happy. In the years we've been together, I've seen you mature from the girl I fell in love with, to the woman I want to marry. I honestly believe that God has brought us both together for a purpose. I am so thankful you have been put in my life. I know you were intended for me. You are the woman my parents prayed for me to marry while I was still young. You have helped me accomplish so much. You have helped me to become the man I am today. I thank you for your support throughout our relationship. Through all the tough times in my life, you have been there for me. I thank you for the comfort you give. I thank you for all the laughter, joy, and hope you bring. With you I have everything. Without you I am nothing. I pray that we both have long, full lives together. When I think about my future, you are always together with me. Every dream, goal, or achievementů you are there. I cannot picture my life any other way. I wouldn't want it any other way. You are my other half. You are the completion of my characterů the balancing of my soul. I have learned so much about you over the past seven years. The more I learn, the more I love you. I vow to be faithful and true to you for as long as we both live. You are the love of my life. Now let's get married and move to Hawaii!

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