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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

"My Hawaiian Vacation"
Dedicated to My great husband Howard

Submitted by Suzan

My husband Howard and I had made plans to go to Hawaii, but due to the flu, they didn't work out. To say I was upset was an understatement and Howard felt very bad about it.

He was quite secretive all week (after he had recovered), and one evening he brought me into the darkened living room. I asked him what was going on. Before he answered, he turned on the lights, and to my joyous surprise, our living room suddenly became an Hawaiian paradise.

Howard had decorated the entire room in a Hawaiian motif. There were fake coconut trees, which he drew himself, colored lights and pre-drawn outlines of hula boys in grass skirts, (just for me.) The highlight of the evening was a Hawaiian buffet fit for royalty.

I couldn't help but laugh when Howard did the hula, complete with him wearing a grass skirt and banjo in hand. He sang just like Don Ho, well almost. I was enthralled when he sang beautiful Hawaiian love song and look deeply into my eyes.

He really outdid himself and it was truly a precious moment - one I will never forget. Thank you, Howard, for always being there for me.

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