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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

From Afar
Dedicated to believers of Love at first sight

Submitted by Kelly

He watched her from afar, the way her hair blew around her face and framed her soft features. The ocean breaze pulled her sheer flowery dress backward, wrapping the material around her thighs. His heart thudded with every step she took, his toes touching the wet sand with hers. He didn't even know her, yet he had been looking for her for a lifetime. He had been in Kauai, Hawaii now for over a week, in this room, standing from this very balcony and he hadn't seen her until now. He leaned forward, his arm resting on the railing, straining to get one more glimpse of her tanned face. He willed her to look upward.He wanted just one single chance to see her again, to walk with her and talk to her.

A copper glow cast by the setting sun shadowed her against the Hawaiian waters. She was so close to him now that had he called out to her, she would have heard him. She paused, her hair tangled around her face and turned. He knew that if he didn't respond, she would pass by him and be lost to him for ever. He shifted, stepping away from the balcony and sauntered down to the sand to her.

He didn't know what woke him, the sound of a horn or the barking of a stray dog. In the city, noises were endless and life moved fast. By the light of the moon, the man glanced down at the woman next to him and smiled. Even now, he could see her standing there, her toes digging into the white sand.

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