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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Will Our Dream Come True?
Dedicated to Our 25 Years Together.

Submitted by Anonymous

We were married 25 years ago. We were very much in love. We did not have alot of money so a honeymoon was out of the question. A night in a local hotel was all we got. But that didn't matter because we were in love a lot.

We promised each other that someday we would have a real honeymoon in a special way. Hawaii was our destination and we planned for our 25th to be our goal.

We saved and saved and collected sky miles. We made it after all of our triles. We had saved enough to go but like it always happens. Our dream soon came to a fall.

Our jobs both came to an end and we had to use our skymiles to send our daughter home from college. That didn't leave enough for us to go on a dream 25th anniversary to Hawaii.

But thats ok because you see we now are planning to go on our 50th Anniversary.

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