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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

She let go
Dedicated to To All Who Had The Courage To

Submitted by Anonymous

She stepped off the plane, and took a deep breath, she smelt the fresh fruit, the salty sea air, the freedom. She had escaped and there was no way she would ever go back. Bound and determined to start over she descended the stairs that lead into the unknown. With a little less then a thousand dollars in her purse. She began a journey. Who would have thought the quiet girl, who cried in the shower to hide her misery would get the courage to walk away, from unhappiness, from pain, from him. But she had and now she was free and would from this day on cherish the freedom and live. Giving such little planning she had no clue what to do next. She was here in Hawaii and that's all that matter. In an instant she knew where she needed to go. She gathered her luggage and began to walk, the beauty of the island brought tears to her eyes. The glorious sun made her skin tingle. And when she reached her destination she lost her breath. The beautiful blue ocean stretched out in front of her. The waves rolled in creating a lullaby of soft music. She sat down and just stared. She was safe, she was in love, and she was home.

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