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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Dreams Can Come True
Dedicated to My "gift"

Submitted by Anonymous

I was a high school freshman in small town Pennsylvania. He was a senior and the brother of my best friend. It was a secret crush. Secret because I didn't tell anyone. I thought the odds were against me. Everyone knows a senior would never date a freshman, and to complicate things even more he had a girlfriend. It just seemed impossible and so remained a secret. Every opportunity I had I flirted but otherwise did not divulge my attraction.

He graduated and went on to college. I thought I had missed my chance. I was sure he would find some great "college girl". Over the years he found several but none lasted. Whenever he was home I would make excuses to stop by so I could flirt.

When I was a senior he decided to move to Arizona to continue his college education. I was heartbroken but still could not reveal my crush. I went on to college and met some great "college boys" but found my mind continually wandering back to him. I would dream about being with him.

Two years had passed when my friend told me he was home for a visit. She had arranged for a group of friends to go on a hike the next day. This time I didn't need an excuse to see him. During the hike I flirted, as usual, but this time something happened. There was a connection...a chemistry. When we returned from the hike the others went home but I stayed to "visit". My friend left to take her boyfriend home and then it was just the two of us. We started talking about an Arizona Highways magazine that he had brought with him. I was flirting to the best of my ability and then it happened...he kissed me. I was surprised but didn't resist.

We saw each other as much as possible over the next two weeks, before he had to go back to Arizona. During the next six months we kept in close contact. He returned home again for Christmas and to move me to Arizona. He didn't buy me anything for Christmas that year. Instead he gave me a card with a note that said, "I could make a million excuses but the bottom line is that I did not buy anything for you this Christmas. All I have to give is myself. I give you all my love and promise you all the time I can spare. There are many places I want to take you and things I want to do with you."

Eighteen months later we married. My dream came true. After almost nine years of marriage he still is not much of a gift giver. It doesn't matter, he IS the best gift. We planned to go to Hawaii to reconnect when he returns from a fifteen month deployment in Iraq, but had to cancel. Maybe someday... I still believe that dreams can come true.

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