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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaiian Dreamin'
Dedicated to Mary Beyer (my endless love)

Submitted by Anonymous

I first saw Mary back in 1979 when we both worked for the same company, she worked in a different department but all the guys I worked with knew her by name only, because she is very beautiful but never interfaced with our area. My department handled material and was involved with shipping so we all wore jeans and clothes we could get dirty and her department was more office-like so dresses were worn by the women. I never thought I would have a chance to meet her, let alone get up enough nerve to ask her for a date. One day she came around to our area and was selling candy for one of her co-worker's children and I was finally able to hear her talk and talk to her, unfortunately I never carried much cash so I had to pass on buying any candy. I felt my chances were over forever. A couple years passed and eventually she was hired by our department's shipping office and we became good friends, but by this time she married and had children and I did the same, but I always had an eye for this beautiful Italian brunette. We worked together for 13 years until she was laid off in 1992 after a company downsizing effort. Even after this we decided to stay in touch with one another, and with others in the office, at least a couple times a year. I was then laid off in 1996 since the company continued to downsize. We both went to new jobs and continued with our marriages and children, but still met for lunches 2 or 3 times a year. Both of our marriages were failing, due to her husband not being compassionate and was not willing to do anything to help and my wife being very dishonest with finances, credit cards and prescription drugs. By early 1998 Mary got divorced and picked up a 2nd job to help support her and her 2 children. We talked maybe a couple times that year and she seemed very depressed since she did not know what the future held. My marriage was going for bad to worse and by mid 2000 I too was divorced and hadn't spoken to Mary for many months. I happened to call her one September day and we decided to go to an outdoor country concert. I could see the sparkle in her eyes all that day and I'm sure mine were no different, our first date and we had a wonderful time. That evening I will never forget our first kiss... and from that point on we have been inseparable, 20 years after I first laid eyes on this gorgeous lady. We became engaged on Valentines Day of 2003 and would love to be married in beautiful Hawaii, well that's our dream anyway.

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